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ting. >> we are your local broadcasters. reaching more people, touching more lives. get ready for another winter blast. >> a winter storm heading toward the metro arrives sunday night with a mix to snow and then alla snow on monday. ukraine accusing russia of a military innovation innovation tonight. also tonight, 2 brothers.
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both of shot and killed in front of a church. hello, i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us. be prepared for monday when sleet and snow expecting to be bearing down on us. erica is tracking the winter storm tonight. >> we have a winter storm watch in effect for the entire dc metro area. i expect this to be upgraded to a warning sometime in the next few hours as confidence increases and this will be a significant snowfall. rain sunday evening and changing over to the wintry mix sunday night. then we will change completely to snow by sunrise on monday. the bulls eye of this system will be just to the south and west of the beltway.
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that's where you'll see at least 6-inches of snow. you saw this off the top, wintry mix for all the areas shaded in pink. and garrett county and over toward cumber land. but this is basically a snow event for the dc area. as we head to monday morning, most of us change to snow. by the afternoon, it is all snow. this are two components to this system. the 4 corners low in the southwest. the arctic front that is right now draped over the plains. those two are going to coincide to bring us moisture and cold air to make this a significant winter storm. >> i want to give you a look at our ipad appa. you can download this for free on the app story. and it will give you radar views.
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you can see the snow approaching from the north to west. you can continue to track the storm and look at weather alerts that are in effect as they come in. go to the apple store and download that one for free. we've been checking with the people who keep the power on, the roads clear to see what they're planning for this storm. maryland high supervisors advising to put off any big trips from sunday night through monday. in virginia, v dot expects to have a plan in place by monday morning. the department of transportation will have more than 200 plows on dc streets. that's by 2:00 a.m. on monday. they place crews on alert and should start mobilizing by the end of the weekend. w usa 9 as we prepare for the
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storm, join meteorologist erica grow for a special weather forecast. that's at w usa you can track the storm on your ipad or phone. now is a good time to download our ipad appa from the itunes store. you can view live radar and a live map. you will also be able to see the latest weather-related closings. 4:00 o'clock monday with the latest weather and road conditions. and if conditions dictate, our w usa help desk will be up and running to help you. ukraine is aa accusing russia of a military innovation. ukraine leaders are asking the un, britain, france, and china
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for help. allison harmalin -- putin said he's determined to protect people in that country and russia's interest in ukraine. >> reporter: then proudly flew the russian flag. many ukrainians align themselves more with nearby russia than their own country. they don't support the new ukrainian president. putin got the green light to proceed with military intervention. in response, the ukraine's acting prime minister put his forces on alert. members of the un security
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council gathered for an emergency meeting. ukraine'sa un ambassador asked the security council to take action. >> this action constitutes an act of aggression against the state of ukraine. >> reporter: america's ambassador -- >> intervention by the russian military will be a grave mistake and will have costs and uencconseq. >> reporter: president obama spoke with putin for over 90 minutes. ukrainians living here in the washington area speaking out and asking obama to intervene. peaceful protests were held tonight at the white house. >> reporter: flours, candles and pictures set up here at the ukrainian embassy to honor
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those who have died and earlier at the white house, a protest was held. their message was clear. peaceful words reflective of their hope for ukraine. >> we want peace in our country and we need to have us secure our country. >> mr. obama, stop putin. >> reporter: the worry evident in their voices and their faces for their loved ones still in ukraine. tooliana's family lives in kiev. >> i was talking to my parents the whole time while they were protesting and my parents were go to protest. >> reporter: this protest is her way of supporting them. >> they're okay. they went to a couple protests and -- but nothing happened to them. i was very thankful for that.
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>> reporter: today's protest was started by a group. lara is one of the organizers. >> speak withing them this morning, they're scared. they are keeping an eye out on everything that's going on. and they're scared for their children as well. >> reporter: she has followed closely the violence in kiev and as russia proves military involvement in ukraine, the threat became even more real to lara. the ukrainian population in the dc area has banded together sending up this memorial and holding fundraisers throughout the city. today will be one of many until, they say, actiona is taken. >> we're praying and hoping there's a diplomatic solution to this. >> reporter: tomorrow they will be set up at the russian embassy. coming up tonight on w usa
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9, 2 brothers gunned down near a church in dc. and we'll have a
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two brothers were shot and killed in the district.
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it happened last night outside a church. >> i miss my brothers dearly. i mean dearly. it's a hurting feeling. >> reporter: andre bryant mourns the loss of his two brothers. they were walking along lee street when they were gunned down just before 8:00. >> i heard both of their voices thursday night. just a hurting feeling right now. >> reporter: the brothers were supposed to be meeting their sister for her birthday celebration but never made it. the siblings were alla very close. they lost their mother a while ago, and very recently their father. but the two brothers that were
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killed, inseparable. >> two real playful, liked to be outside, loved women. >> reporter: andre bryant was the oldest and alwaysa looked out for his brothers. >> i'd be talking do the right thing, get on the right track. he got on the right track and this happened. >> reporter: while they're in a state of shock, the family is seeking justice and wonders who would want to hurt them. >> two good guys. two good guys. they definitely going to be missed. >> reporter: in northeast. there is a $25,000 award for information leading to an arrest and prosecution in these murderers. there have been others claimed in dc in the past 36 hours.
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john than adams was stabbed to death and tikea dick in son was shot in the northeast. just this morning, a man was shot and killed in the northwest. his name has not been released. >> we have ata least 12 of those murders that occurred inside. we also -- 6 of them were domestic related as opposed to last year, i think we had where ound 23 ata the time. there are more than 26 killings this year. today down at the national mall, a giant quilt is telling the story of survivors of rape and abuse. the monument quilt made its debut today. it will travel to other cities before returning to washington.
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>> the monument quilt is a collection of stories of survivor of rape and abuse. we're stitching them together and displaying them on the lawn of the capital building to give a platform for survivors to share their stories. we want to publicly support survivors of rape and abuse rather than publicly shaming survivors. organizers say they'll hold workshops to help survivors tell their stories and heal. the candidates for dc mayor -- hundreds of people turned out for the event. our own delia was moderator of this. a recent poll has gray ahead of would you sayer by 8 percentage points. and washington post columnist
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kobe keen suggested that the remaining 4 candidates drop out of the race. the great campaign picked up endorsements from the democratic asian american and pacific islander caucus. a new shelter features 49,000s square feet of space. animals are housed in surroundings that are set to look like a home. >> shelters can be very stressful, so it is built to reduce the stress of animals. it is very comfortable. you can see that it is built to accommodate a variety of animals. we have dens to accommodate dogs. we have different rooms to do. cats, small animals, birds, exotic animals as well.
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>> the facility has a barn for larger animals such as horses and cows that might come into their care. it does happen from time to time. coming up, we're keeping a close watch on the winter weather that's headed th [ male announcer ] it's one of the most amazing things we build and it doesn't even fly. we build it in classrooms and exhibit halls, mentoring tomorrow's innovators. we build it raising roofs, preserving habitats and serving america's veterans. every day, thousands of boeing volunteers help make their communities the best they can be. building something better for all of us. ♪
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you got some new totals. >> that's right. >> is it good or bad? >> it's not good news if you didn't want any more snow. let's start off with a look at the time line. once again, in case you missed it, we are expecting a little bit of rain sunday afternoon and then quickly changing over to a wintry mix sunday night. l of sleet. then we will change to snow by sunrise on monday basically for everyone in the dc metro area. some of you will see the snow by midnight. others by 6:00 or 7:00 in the morning. the bugs eye is southwest of the beltway. here it is. 4 to 6-inches through the
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beltway. bugs eye includes fairfax, anandale, fredericks burg. so that's basically including fairfax, prince william, louden, all your counties downtown into the piedmont. and throughout charles county. so laplata, wall dorph. the further north you go, that is because an area of high pressure. enjoy your sunday and make any necessary treks. it's going to be treacherous to travel monday morning, so if you can stay indoors, do that. even just visibility is going to be really nasty during the day on monday and the snow will continue until we get into the evening. currently we are dropping below freezing in gaithersburg.
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overnight tonight not too bad. the winds are light. you can see on satellite and radar, this is the actorraicra -- arctic front. this is thes is that's going to bring us the colder area. overnight tonight we're just going to be partly cloudy. not too terribly cold either. light winds out of the south. tomorrow morning, 30s 30s and 40s. it will be fairly pleasant. southeast winds at 5 to 10. more clouds in the afternoon. rain showers about 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon for most of us. we're going to watch that wintry mix move in during the overnight hours. sleet accumulations as i mentioned before, and monday is a wintry mess. a high of 32, but temperatures
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falling off and an overnight low of 15. and it's going to stay cold on tuesday. more sun, but a high of 32 degrees. in the first alert 7-day forecast, we're going to stay in the 30s tuesday as well. i don't think march got the memo that it's supposed to wake up and come here to the metro area. >> i don't think we're going out on a limb to say there's going to be closings and stuff. you have to wait till after the break like all of our viewers. party in philly tonight. the 6ers should not have invited john wall. ripping up the court and kicking some
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now, game on with dave ownens. >> there the 76ers have stripped their roster so bear, bruce johnson could start for them. 2nd worst record in basketball. if you've grown the way you say you've grown, you gotta meet philly. big night in philly, paying tribute to allan iverson. trevor not a diver, but he be
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splashing. wall, ariza, biel, back to ariza. wall had 16 dimes. that's a season high for him. he did it in minnesota. tighten up your dentures here because this one is nasty. 17 points. wizards win their 6th straight. 122-103. >> i think we're playing the best basketball since i've been here. young players are maturing. we have a goal to reach and we're trying to get better every day and try to make a push. >> virginia students, lay off the 5-hour energy drinks, please. they had a reason to be all amped up, though. the cavs on a 20-7 run after
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the break. the orange was virginia orange. 75-56. they storm the court. tony bennett. he's so excited. >> thank god for this opportunity to have these kind of guys. here we are. but i really appreciate what this team stands for. i'm very thankful. on to football, maryland had their first big practice today. nobody tore their acl. what happened to randy posse the last few years, catastrophic injuries to key players. they hit the practice field for the first of 15 spring deals.
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randy etzel hoping to build on that. >> i'm looking more for today as the communication for the talking that takes place before the snap. that was the thing i thought everybody did a pretty good job. the guys are hungry and excited. now we just gotta keep building on it tomorrow. >> caps and bruins. look at this. less than 2 minutes into the game. put this biscuit in the basket. that's his 800th career point. caps win their 4th in a row. injured swim -- jordan zimmerman is looking to add to his repertoire. had them in the ci young
11:30 pm
conversation. how about that. how beautiful is that right there? i wish i was there. anthony rendon, is this a run? no. but it's running track power. he does score a run with a sacrifice. vin pitched two scoreless innings. nats win 16 to 15. finally tonight, and this was aa great thing here, the orioles playing tribute to their long time pr director who sadly lost a pathologists to -- battle to cancer. the orioles win 9 to 7. a lot going to in the sports world. >> ariza. what a surprise. >> the last time he shot like that, we got a snow storm.
11:31 pm
tonight he shot like that, we got a snow storm. >> maybe he's got a crystal ball i don't know about. >> it looks like the bulls eye of this system will be just to the south and to the west of the beltway. 6 to 10-inches. 4 to 6 within the beltway, so significant for all of us. thanks for watching. we're going to see you back here tomo ♪
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